PCB Layout Services

Complimenting our other design resources, we also provide PCB layout services to the electronics market. Our experience in complex, high-speed PCB layout is unrivalled. We have designed, from concept to production, 3.125Gbps 40-layer PCBs.

Our know-how in the hardware engineering of PCBs and backplanes, enables us to provide a unique combination of PCB layout services to customers. This know-how, in choosing drivers, connectors and their pin-outs, signal integrity and simulation, making schematic design including termination and working on standard architecture-based layouts means we better understand engineer’s requirements and can contribute more to ensure a successful layout. We can quickly pinpoint areas of concern and offer alternatives when neceesary.

We offer cost-optimisation services for backplanes and. This is where we combine our skills in layout, signal integrity, component cost and manufacturing to re-design customer’s existing board products to increase yield and reduce cost, by up to 50% in some cases. And it is only with our in-depth understanding of a PCB’s performance boundaries that we have been successful at this process with our existing customers.


These are the PCB design services we offer:
• Schematic capture
• Pre-layout simulation analysis
• PCB layout
• PCB material specification – high-speed PCB material selection
• Post-layout simulation analysis
• CAD library creation
• Auto-routing
• Test data generation
• Drill data generation
• Prototype and Volume production

We are experienced in the following areas :
• Consultation
• Conceptual definition – assistance in writing specifications
• Component selection including connectors and PCB material
• Conformance engineering – meeting safety, industrial and telecom standards
• Project Management
• Design-for-manufacture and design-for-test
• Mechanical and Enclosure design
• System Engineering - integration design
• Cost Optimisation – layer reduction and DFM

These are just some of the product types we have done in the past:
• Backplanes
• Standards such as VME, VME64x, cPCI, PXI
• Full custom, high-speed up to 3.125Gbps using PECL, LVDS and CML
• High reliability designs for harsh environments (shock and vibration, EMC etc)
• Eurocard daughter cards
• Embedded controllers - including PC104
• High density, complex, double-side SMT boards
• Analogue and video boards
• Motherboards
• Networking products
• Bus systems