VME 64X Backplane


• 10 layer Strip-line controlled impedance construction
• Available in 3 to 21 slots
• SMD Technology
• Termination : mechanically inboard, electrically outboard - allows 21 slots in standard 19" rack
• Active automatic daisy-chain or jumper pin daisy-chain
• Passive 330W/470W or Active Thevenin-equivalent termination
• High current power connections and optimum power distribution
• Rear plug-up long-tail connectors and shrouds per customer needs
• Decoupling capacitors
• +V and -V auxiliary (i.e. 48V) power rails


The TIS VME64x backplane range combines low-noise design and cost-effective construction. Impedance controlled stripline layer stack-up and low crosstalk layout techniques provide excellent signal integrity performance and an optimised power distribution ensure low voltage drop and ground noise.

Implementing surface mount technology for termination, automatic daisy-chaining and capacitive decoupling components improves signal integrity and optimises manufacturability. The in-board termination avoids adding extra width to the backplane and allows 21-slots in a 19"-wide form factor.